SUPER JUNIOR LEETEUK X SHINDONG, from MC to commentary → SSIREUM… all-round performance
SUPER JUNIOR LEETEUK, a luxury commentary that captures all the fun and tension
SUPER JUNIOR SHINDONG, SSIREUM genius recognized by Kang Ho Dong!

SUPER JUNIOR LEETEUK and SHINDONG showed fantastic chemistry as MCs in various programs.

LEETEUK and SHINDONG worked together as MCs for the ‘2022 형님학교 설 체육대회’ of the JTBC entertainment program ‘아는형님’, which was broadcast on the 5th.

On this day, LEETEUK and SHINDONG announced the opening of the SSIREUM competition with strong voices. LEETEUK and SHINDONG started their talk from the beginning, and increased the fun of seeing them through talk. The two showed chemistry when working as MCs, and when they appeared as commentators and players, they played an active part in their respective positions.

In the SSIREUM competition, LEETEUK collaborated with Kim Hee Chul as a commentator, and SHINDONG was deployed as a mercenary for the Blue Army. LEETEUK, who collaborated with Kim Hee Chul as MC, showed no problem chemistry with teamwork matched for a long time.

SHINDONG, a former member of the celebrity SSIREUM competition, showed confidence and received warm applause. SHINDONG sat in the front seat and said, “The feeling is different. He has the feeling of wanting to win.” SHINDONG raised the team’s morale by raising their cheering voices without a break, and after an overwhelming victory over Lee Su-Geun, they held a ceremony in homage to Kang Ho Dong.

SHINDONG also participated in his individual exhibitions to prove his competence. SHINDONG, who defeated THE BOYZ’s ‘주연’ with overwhelming power that neutralizes all operations of Kang Ho Dong, beat MONSTA X’s ‘주헌’ in 7 seconds. In particular, SHINDONG defeated ASTRO’s ‘문빈’, which he met in the final, with overwhelming power, and rose to a new position in the world.

LEETEUK and SHINDONG showed fantastic chemistry by working together as MCs in various programs recently. He took center stage in the special feature of ‘아는형님’, where numerous entertainment stars gathered, and increased the fun with a stable progression, quickness, and sense. In addition, they appeared as MCs on MBC’s ‘방과후 설렘 특별활동’, which aired on the 3rd, discovering the charms of trainees who challenged their first variety shows, and gave laughter through various reactions. In particular, he was responsible for laughter by demonstrating as an entertainment instructor and senior.

Meanwhile, LEETEUK is active through various programs such as Mnet’s ‘너의 목소리가 보여9’. SHINDONG continues its active activities by directing stage videos and music videos for several artists and operating the YouTube channel ‘신동댕동 Shindongdengdong’.