We all know that being a parent can be a daunting thing especially if it’s your first, and even though the internet can be a good source for information one thing it can lack is that support from parents who maybe in the same situation as you.

According to statistics many First time mother’s develop postpartum Psychosis! According to Action on postpartum psychosis a national charity that supports mother’s and their families an estimated 1400 women experience P.P each year in the UK that’s 1 to 2 in every 1000

But that is no longer the case with a new parenting app created by Maddy. Which she prides herself on it being user friendly so that those who are not so tech savvy can still use it without feeling frustrated

It’s become such a supportive community for new parents and those who may have more than one child within the app, where people can post asking questions and get answers from parents and parenting experts, they can learn from blogs, and videos , find their parenting tribe with the groups and sell unwanted baby and childrens goods 

One of the biggest misconceptions is that most support groups are just for mother’s however the great thing about Parenthood app is that It’s for dads , mums , grandparents and caregivers , it also has groups for adoptive parents, foster parents and lbtqia,

Speaking to Maddy she kindly explains what was the inspiration behind creating the app.

When my son was born I struggled so much, I wasn’t ready to be a mum, all he did was cry, I felt really helpless and alone! I searched the Internet for hours looking for places to speak to people so I could feel less alone. 
I felt like all the other mums had their shit together and they were all bonding with their babies, I wasn’t. I didn’t want him near me, and i didn’t want to be around anymore.
I would have visions of throwing him down the stairs, or jumping in front of a bus, I didn’t know what was real or what was in my head. 

I got diagnosed with postpartum psychosis.
A condition that people rarely talk about. 
A dark horrible beast that takes over from the inside. 
I was the WORST mum in the world, what mum doesn’t want their child? What mum thinks about ending their own life to get away from their child? 
What mum doesn’t love their own child?
After months of treatment, I went the other way! I was ridiculously over protective of my son, I couldn’t believe how I had felt before.

I didn’t want to leave the house in case something happened to him, it all changed when I found my tribe! 
An amazing group of mums who totally understood me, didn’t judge me and accepted me for what it’s been through. 

I got pregnant again and was terrified that I would get post partum psychosis again, but knowing the signs I got help when my second child was born. 
But she came with more problems, I had a very traumatic labour , and when she came out she was grey ,floppy and unresponsive. Luckily after 10 minutes of trying the doctors got her to breathe. 
I had ptsd! 

Again I needed to find people to support me, but this time I had my tribe, I had set up a forum on Facebook for local mums near me, and it had grown to over 8k parents. 
So I looked to them for support.
During lockdown many of our group left Facebook to avoid the noise of covid.
We tried to stop people talking about it, and distracted them with events,courses and mental health support.
I wanted to help more parents and suggested that I opened the group up U.K. wide, but my local parents wanted it to stay local.

So I had an idea, I created an app away from the noise, away from the algorithms, a place where parents could find their tribe.

I realised there was nothing out there to support dads and so I came up with the idea for Parenthood App a non judgemental space where parents could get support, learn and find people they have things in common with.
After all I have been through in my parenting journey it’s time for me to give something back.