‘Guaranteed Vocal Queen’ TAEYEON (SM) heralded a strong transformation with the title song ‘INVU’ of her 3rd album.

TAEYEON’s 3rd album ‘INVU’, which will be released on February 14, contains a total of 13 songs in a variety of genres, including the title song ‘INVU’ of the same name, and high interest from her music fans is expected.

In particular, the title song ‘INVU’ is a house-based pop dance song with a soft and dreamy synth sound and an impressive flute melody in the chorus. The vocals that deeply express the various emotions contained in the song and the splendid high notes show the storytelling of the song more dramatically.

In addition, in her lyrics, she knows that she will be hurt and tired every time, but nevertheless, she does not spare her heart for ‘love’ and the emotions she feels when she sees the other person who is so different from herself. did.

Also, at 0 o’clock on the 3rd, a mood sampler that can meet the atmosphere of a new song in advance through various SNS accounts of Girls’ Generation was released, raising curiosity about the new album.

On the other hand, TAEYEON’s 3rd album ‘INVU’ will be released on various music sites at 6 pm on February 14, and will also be released as an album on the same day.