7 member synergy X intense performance, legendary stage is born!

GOT the beat (SM) proved its ‘God of performance’ side through the ‘Step Back’ stage.

The ‘Step Back’ stage, unveiled at Mnet ‘M COUNTDOWN’ on the 27th, offers not only addictive music and powerful performance, but also the greatest synergy of GOT the beat at a glance.

This ‘Step Back’ performance adds to the fun of watching as it combines the point hand gestures that seem to warn according to the song title, the overwhelming force of the group formation, and the colorful movement that changes according to each member’s part.

‘Step Back’, released on January 3, is a hip-hop R&B song with the members’ unique vocals and solid singing ability enhanced. To this day, it continues to be popular, occupying the top spots on various music charts.

Meanwhile, SM has launched a new concept project, ‘Girls On Top (GOT)’, in which female artists in the company present various combinations of units for each theme. Starting with GOT the beat, the first unit based on intense dance songs and performance, various combinations and attractive units will be released in the future.