Starts collaboration for the development of the metabus & cultural contents industry.

SM Entertainment signed an industry-academic cooperation MOU with Chungkang College.

SM and Chungkang College signed an industry-academic cooperation to strengthen the competitiveness of the metaverse and cultural contents industry in the morning of the 26th at SM’s new building in the presence of SM co-representatives Lee Sung-su and Tak Young Jun and President Hwang Bong Sung of Chungkang College.

Through this industry-university collaboration, SM and Chungkang College will ▲ jointly plan and collaborate on programs necessary for the composition and operation of metaverse related contents ▲ nurture and educate talents necessary for the development of the cultural contents industry ▲ joint use of facilities and resources for mutual development, and As the two companies plan to develop cooperative projects, the cooperation between the two companies is expected to strengthen the educational curriculum related to content production and provide students with a variety of experiences.

Lee Sung-su, SM Co-CEO, said, “Amid the growing influence of K-contents worldwide, Chungkang College, which nurtures global key talents in digital content fields such as games, webtoons, and animations, and CT (Culture Technology) We hope that SM, who has strengths in music and artist production based on the foundation, will meet and collaborate in various fields related to the metaverse beyond content in the future.”

In addition, SM Co-CEO Tak Young Jun said, “Chungkang College is looking for the same direction as SM, which aims for the convergence of culture and new technology, in that it creates convergence contents between different fields such as contents, fashion, food, and performing arts with technology as the center. I think you are watching We look forward to various collaborations in the field of CAWMAN (Cartoon, Animation, Web-toon, Motion graphic, Avatar, Novel), a concept created by General Producer Lee Soo-Man.”

Hwang Bong Sung, President of Chungkang College, said, “Through collaboration between SM, a pioneer in the Korean entertainment industry and leading the global K-POP craze, and Chungkang College, which possesses contents in various fields in the cultural industry, we are able to create various synergies suitable for the establishment of a metaverse content environment in the future. I look forward to being able to do it.”

In addition, SM is a future entertainment world where the world is connected with culture without boundaries between reality and virtuality by grafting the metaverse to entertainment, and through SMCU (SM Culture Universe), which contains the future contents of the metaverse that SM aims for, artists, music, and music In December of last year, under the title of the comprehensive content project ‘SMTOWN 2022: SMCU EXPRESS’, general producer Lee Soo-Man and SM In order to comprehensively experience future contents in the metaverse viewed, the albums, exhibitions, and performances were presented together, collecting topics.