CHOI SIWON (SM) took an active role in protecting children’s rights.

He actively stepped up for the rights of children in the digital world!
A Good step after joining the ‘UNICEF Honors Club’.
“I will try to help protect children’s rights in a digital environment.”

CHOI SIWON (SM) took an active role in protecting children’s rights.

On the 13th, CHOI SIWON, UNICEF Goodwill Ambassador for the East Asia Pacific Region, held an ‘online presentation of UNICEF Children’s Council Children’s Policy Proposal’ to discuss children’s rights and protection measures in the digital world and to deliver the policies proposed by children to key members of society.

In particular, CHOI SIWON, who had the opportunity to directly answer the opinions of children, said, “I am very grateful and honored to be invited as a valuable UNICEF partner. Through this event, I hope that we can find a way to improve on the problems we are facing.”

CHOI SIWON continued, “As children are mainly exposed to the online environment, I have been thinking a lot about what kind of educational materials are needed not only for children but also for adults personally for proper child guidance. Therefore, distributing educational materials for online activities according to social status or age, and periodically conducting education (lectures, classes) may help to reduce damage and improve problems.” expressed his thoughts.

Here, CHOI SIWON said, “When online crimes such as malicious comments occur, we feel the need for a device that allows everyone to respond simply, quickly, and accurately, but to check them fairly. I also thought about how the portal site would introduce such a reporting device. I am also familiar with these issues. Children are not alone,” he said, expressing his sympathy for the online damage and giving his a voice of support.

Lastly, CHOI SIWON said, “I will do my best to add more strength to UNICEF’s efforts to protect children’s rights in a digital environment. I hope that many people will pay attention to policies and practices that can protect children online,” he concluded with a greeting with a sense of responsibility and a unique sense of duty as a goodwill ambassador.

CHOI SIWON joined the ‘UNICEF Honors Club’ last year and pledged a fund of 100 million won, and as it conveyed that it would like to use the fund for children in the global village suffering from the climate crisis, it is also drawing a lot of attention to activities related to the protection of children’s rights in the future. .