Terra Organica: Why You Should Switch To Organic Wine for Veganuary

Terra Organica might be the best-kept secret in the organic wine world. For over 15 years, they have been retailing organic and vegan-friendly wines, from producers they know and trust, at exceptional quality and affordable prices.

Many of these producers are family-run or independent vineyards, who have been honing and developing their wines for decades, without pesticides or sulphates, using biodiversity to thrive (and the occasional sheep to keep the weeds in check).

Grapes grown without artificial chemicals are as nature intended. Grapes are tended by hand, harvested at absolute peak ripeness and bring all their sun-drenched flavour straight to the glass. Organic growing is harder and riskier, but the result tastes beautiful.

Co-Founder and wine expert Lindsay Talas says: “Drinking organic wine isn’t going to save the planet alone, but if we switch to organic wines and food it will help.

Terra Organica wines are Planet Friendly and vegan friendly, but our producers go even further. For instance, the Zuccardi family in Argentina who we work with to create our Terra Organica Malbec and Terra Organica Malbec Rosé produce their own compost and humus with the help of their wormery. They plant winter grass in between the rows of vines to keep the weeds at bay and to fix nitrogen in the soil. They also make their own fuel for boilers and recycle and reuse all the water from the winery. Having their own vine nursery means they are rearing the next generation of organic vines too, rather than flying them in. For them, farming sustainably isn’t just about the land, it is also about the community. Julia Zuccardi says “we are at the service of the community of which we are part”.

Over the last 15+ years, I have been visiting them, I have seen how they nurture, cherish and enrich their local community every bit as much as they do their vines.”

Terra Organica is proud to be a member of 1% for the Planet. Their belief is that companies who profit from resources they take from the earth, should protect those resources.

To find out more about Terra Organica, or to order from their selection of organic wines, visit https://terraorganica.co.uk. Some of the Terra Organica wine range is also stocked by Ocado.