Mandy will air on BBC Two, with two episodes a week

Once again, Mandy attempts to find fulfilment via a series of short-lived jobs in the modern gig economy. Along the way she becomes a stately home tour guide, appears on a genuinely out-of-this-world reality show, and accepts the most unappealing job in the sewage industry, none of which brings her any closer to her ultimate dream of breeding Doberman Pinschers.

Programme Information

Episode 1: The Unpleasantness At Brampton Hall

Unpleasantness comes in many forms. Like when you pick up an apple from the fruit bowl and find the hidden side has decomposed. The unpleasantness at Brampton Hall is different. So forget we said that. Contains the worst kind of nudity.

  • Featuring Michelle Greenidge, Tom Basden, Jackie Clune, Alistair Green, Michael Spicer

Episode 2: Who Are You, Do You Think?

Mandy accidentally finds herself on the programme ‘Who Are You, Do You Think?’ a fictional genealogy programme that is in no way parodying the real-life genealogy programme ‘Who Do You Think You Are?’ Not at all. We’ve never even seen it.

  • Featuring Deborah Meaden, Charlie Chuck, Michael Spicer

Episode 3: Holiday For One

According to a friend of a friend, if the staff on a cruise start handing out free choc ices, it means a passenger has died and they need to make room in the freezer.

  • Featuring Michelle Greenidge, Kate Robbins, Nigel Planer, Roger Sloman

Episode 4: Spacemandy

Why is Mandy training to be an astronaut? Why is Mars called ‘The Red Planet’? These questions and more will remain unanswered.

  • Featuring, Michelle Greenidge, Anna Maxwell Martin, Peter McDonald, David Mills

Episode 5: Fatberg

There is nothing more shameful for us as a society than the existence of fatbergs. But forget about that for a moment and enjoy this episode

  • Featuring Michelle Greenidge, Sir Tom Courtenay, Tom Basden, Alexei Sayle, Michael Spicer,

Episode 6: The Curse Of Mandy Carter

Apparently if you stare into the eyes of a forest goblin, you’ll be dead within a week. Just FYI.

  • Featuring Michelle Greenidge,  Jo Hartley, Professor Brian Cox, Alistair Green, Michael Spicer, Nick Mohammed

Diane Morgan Q&A

For anyone that hasn’t watched Mandy before, can you tell us about the show?

It’s about a woman called Mandy who is played by me, who tends to have a different job each week. Each episode is only 15 minutes long. If that’s not enough to entice you in I don’t know what will. Probably nothing and you should carry on watching Strictly – It Takes Two as usual.

Can you tell us anything about what happens to Mandy this series?

It’s hard to say anything about them because they’re so short that by the time you’ve said anything about them you’ve given the end away. But I can say that at the start of this series she has left her job in a frozen fish factory and so she tries her frostbitten hand at various different jobs, including being a cleaner and a tour guide. She doesn’t last long but then if she ever found a job she was good at it the series would be over.

You attracted some brilliant co-stars for the series, when you were writing their episodes did you have them in mind and how was it working with them? 

Generally I had people in mind that I wanted to work with so I wrote a part for them specially. I was very lucky that everyone I asked said yes. It was amazing to be working with some of my absolute comic heroes. It was only the best of the best: probably like when they assembled the Magnificent 7, or the Birmingham 6.

What did learn from writing, directing and starring in the first series that you were able to apply to series 2?

It’s almost impossible to do all three at once. But I still tried. Also, I probably need to eat Tracker bars if I don’t want to snap at people

Do you prefer being behind the camera or in front of it?

I like both. But I especially like being in the edit, because that’s where the thing is made or broken. And you can listen to music. I think listening to music might be the best thing about all of it.

Do you have any funny anecdotes you can share about filming with your guest stars?

No. Nothing even remotely funny happened during the filming.

Did you have a favourite episode to write and why?

I think the first episode was my favourite to write because it was inspired by a film and it’s all about putting Mandy in an absurd premise. But you’ll have to watch it to find out what that premise is and the film that inspired it. Clue: it’s not Das Boot.

What other jobs would you like to see Mandy take on?

Corporate PR for ExxonMobil. Or working for The Samaritans. 

Mandy’s adventures get wilder this year, what was the thinking behind that?

Getting less wild with ideas didn’t seem that profitable a direction-of-travel.

Mandy gets through lots of different jobs, have you ever had any of the ones she has?
I’ve been a tour guide on the Thames Clipper, on a London Bus and on the London Eye. I got fired immediately on the London Eye because I couldn’t get the cork out of the champagne. 

A word from Mandys guest stars

Michelle Greenidge says: “The friendship between Mandy and Lola is such a privilege to be a part of, amongst the tarantulas, piranhas and gongs, it is a very sweet and innocent friendship, that makes a great canvas against the zaniness of the show. To have the chance to play opposite Diane, in such a way, is a gift!”

Tom Basden says:  “It’s always a joy to work with Diane, so I was delighted to be part of Mandy even if I had to balance a (live) Tarantula on my head in series 1. Somehow my character survived Mandy’s mallet attack and returns for series 2, and we had a brilliant time shooting some extremely creepy and bonkers scenes that I probably can’t talk about without ruining some key story twists.”

Anna Maxwell Martin says: “I wish I could be on ‘Mandy’ every day of my working life. I plan to retire on ‘Mandy’ , frittering my days away having the loveliest boss, mucking about and being daft… Diane is one of life’s absurdly relaxed , incredibly clever, and generous gemstones.”

Deborah Meaden says: “Diane is a comic genius and having watched and laughed out loud at Mandy I was very excited to be asked to take part in the series. Fortunately it was playing myself which is just as well because I am neither Actor nor Comedian! It was a really hot, fun day and although I was determined not to ‘corpse’ I definitely got the giggles. I remember feeling genuinely disgusted with Mandy during one (probably more) of the scenes”

Sir Tom Courtenay says: “When I read Fatberg I laughed from beginning to end and couldn’t resist playing the Sewer Boss. Diane was a delight to work with. So talented. What larks.”

Alexei Sayle says: “Working with Diane was great, she’s a really confident director and encouraged me to flex my comedy muscles in a genuinely joyful way. It’s also thrilling to perform with a newer comedy generation and to share in that youthful(ish) energy.”

Nick Mohammed says: “It was an honour and delight getting to be a small part of Mandy. And that voice! Who could say no to that voice?! Diane is fast becoming a national treasure, and getting to work with her again and see her as Mandy up close was a total joy and a masterclass in performance. Making it virtually impossible not to laugh and ruin the only scene I’m in – apologies Diane!”

Nigel Planer says:  ”Working with Diane was a treat for me; People used to call me lugubrious – but Diane out-lugubbed me.  She is a great example of the British school of comedy diffidence, stretching back from McKenzie Crook, through John Le Mesurier and Eric Sykes all the way to Will Hay. First class and classic.”

Richard Hope says: “Outrageous one liners delivered with a deadpan face in everyday situations but given a surreal twist by Morgan’s writing. How could I resist?”

Roger Sloman says: “I enjoy playing cracked authority figures and Diane had written a really good one. I loved the free and easy, creative atmosphere filming Mandy. Diane Morgan is not only funny and talented, but generous and open hearted and it was a treat working with her.”

Charlie Chuck says: “I’ve been a big fan of Charlie Brooker – Newswipe for a while now and it was here I first saw Diane Morgan character Philomema Cunk’s – Moments of Wonder – Time – which made me chortle. Funny lady and a pleasure to meet.”