Two jailed for robbery at Leicestershire store

Two men have been jailed following a robbery at a Leicestershire store earlier this year.

Levi Muttock and Rhys Chan were both convicted of a robbery at a store in Broom Leys Road, Coalville, on 13 March this year during which cash, alcohol and cigarettes were stolen.

Levi Muttock
Rhys Chan

Muttock, 32, had been found guilty of robbery and possession of a knife in relation to the incident following trial. Chan, 29, had previously pleaded guilty to robbery and possession of a knife.

Muttock had also been found guilty of an additional charge of robbery and possession of a knife following an incident which happened a week before on 6 March at a store in Loughborough Road, Leicester. Cash was stolen during this incident.

Last week (Wednesday 23 December), at Leicester Crown Court, Muttock was sentenced to seven years and four months imprisonment while Chan was jailed for three years and 10 months.

The robbery at the store in Loughborough Road, Leicester, happened at around 10pm on 6 March when Muttock entered the store alone with a knife and demanded cash which was handed to him before he left the store. Forensic analysis carried out on a carrier bag left at the scene linked Muttock to the incident.

The robbery at the store in Coalville happened at around 10.30pm on 13 March. Three people were reported to have entered the store with one staying at the door while two approached members of staff armed with knives. The suspects pushed the staff and demanded cash from the safe. The safe couldn’t be accessed leading to the suspects stealing cash from the tills along with bottles of alcohol and cigarettes.

CCTV enquiries as well as enquiries carried out into a vehicle found to be connected to the incident led to Muttock and Chan both being charged.

A third person was arrested in connection with the Coalville incident. Following enquiries, the person was released with no further action.

No serious injuries were reported following the incidents.

Detective Inspector Kevin Hames said: “Muttock and Chan had no consideration for anyone else, they were only interested in their own gain. Their actions left shop workers terrified and I have no doubt it has had a lasting impact on all the people involved.

“Detailed enquiries and witness accounts meant we were able to identify Muttock and Chan and their involvement. Thank you to everyone who assisted us in doing this and bringing the defendants to court.”