Author Arnonda Anthony’s New Book, ‘Who Am I? the Rise of Bright Siren: Part 1’, Follows a Young Woman Who Possesses the Power of Siren Song and Water Control

Arnonda Anthony has completed her new book, “Who Am I? The Rise of Bright Siren: Part 1”: an exciting and powerful story that follows Aria as she grapples with her powers. After running away from her destiny once, Aria must team up with her two closest friends and a former enemy to help save her one true love and keep the fate of humanity safe.

Author Arnonda Anthony takes readers into the fascinating world of the novel, writing, “I shoot up from the ground, gasping for air. My vision dark and hazy. It finally comes into focus: I’m in an alley; the sky above me is dark. No stars, the only lights in the sky are from the mountain-high skyscrapers and the helicopters scanning the grounds below. I have no clue of my whereabouts or how I have ended up here in the first place. The only thing that sticks out is the short memory of me falling out a window. ‘Well, that explains…absolutely nothing,’ I think to myself.”

Published by Newman Springs Publishing, Arnonda Anthony’s spellbinding tale follows Aria on her harrowing journey. It will take bravery and the support of her friends to keep the tides of evil at bay. Will Aria learn to accept herself as the hero she is, or will her powers be the end of her and the end of humanity?