Actor Lee Hak Joo has filled 2021 with a lot of activity.

마이 네임’ → ‘이렇게 된 이상 청와대로 간다’ → ‘공작도시’
OTT-drama captivating heavy presence
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Actor Lee Hak Joo has filled 2021 with a lot of activity.

In the meantime, Lee Hak Joo, who has conveyed a special presence by digesting various characters from good to evil through various works, has perfected his position as a ‘trend actor’ by doing his part in big works this year.

Lee Hak Joo, who played an active role in the role of ‘Jung Tae-joo’, a character full of loyalty to the organization and the boss in the Netflix series ‘마이 네임’ released this year, drew the attention of viewers with his solid acting skills and heavy presence. In addition to drawing the character’s emotional lines in detail with a restrained charisma to increase the immersion in the story, he obtained the modifier of a suit-fit craftsman with an unusual proportion and physicality.

After that, Lee Hak Joo showed a different acting transformation in the wavve ORIGINAL drama ‘이렇게 된 이상 청와대로 간다’ and was reborn as a box-office protagonist of OTT contents. In the play, Lee Hak Joo takes on the role of ‘Kim Soo-jin’, a character that is serious but comical, and is a key character who overcomes various crises, increasing the fun and tension of the play. In particular, he proved once again the colorful charm of actor Lee Hak Joo by perfectly digesting a character that is 180 degrees different from the image of ‘Jung Tae-joo’ shown in his previous work ‘마이 네임’.

In addition, Lee Hak Joo, who is currently appearing in the popular JTBC drama ‘공작도시’, has succeeded in the box office for three consecutive works and is solidifying his name as a ‘trend actor’. In the drama, Lee Hak Joo takes on the role of ‘Han Dong-min,’ a JBC news reporter with a just and good heart, and focuses on those who play characters who are opposite to those who are obsessed with desire and inferiority.

As such, 2021 was a year in which actor Lee Hak Joo’s performances stood out. Expectations and interest in what Lee Hak Joo will look like in 2022, who has been reborn as a popular actor by not only broadening the acting spectrum through various works and characters, but also capturing the topic with an unusual suit fit is gathering attention.

Meanwhile, JTBC’s ‘공작도시’, starring Lee Hak Joo, is broadcast every Wednesday and Thursday at 10:30 PM.