Re:MASTERPIECE’ BADA, delicate advice + demonstration!

Re:MASTERPIECE’ BADA, delicate advice + demonstration!

The work machine for the remake of ‘Dreams Come True’, completed by the meeting of BoA and aespa (SM), has been released.

In the YouTube original content ‘Re:MASTERPIECE’, which was released on the YouTube SMTOWN channel on the 23rd, it contains the process of BoA and aespa working on the remake of S.E.S.’s ‘Dreams Come True’.

On the 20th, as part of the ‘Remastering Project’ jointly conducted by SM and YouTube, aespa released a remake version of ‘Dreams Come True’ by reinterpreting the title song of the 2nd album released by S.E.S. in 1998 through SM ‘STATION’.

BoA, who became a producer for this project, also said in the broadcast that day, “It’s my first time producing for another singer, so I’m nervous and burdened. This project is very meaningful because it is not just producing, but also experiencing things for the first time.”

Also, about the ‘Dreams Come True’ remake, aespa said, “It was an honor to be able to participate in this project,” and “It was fun working with BoA and I’m curious how it will turn out.” attracted

In addition, BADA, the singer of the original song, appeared specially for aespa, and not only released the secret note he wrote himself when he sang ‘Dreams Come True’, but also presented a warm chemistry with friendly advice and delicate demonstration.