NCT 127 (SM) successfully finished their second solo concert.

Following Korea, we will go on a world tour in major cities around the world!
Happy meeting between NCT 127 and Czennie! A dream-like time tightly connected with music!

NCT 127 (SM) successfully finished their second solo concert.

NCT 127’s solo concert ‘NEO CITY: SEOUL – THE LINK’ was held for three days from December 17th to 19th, and on the 19th, it was screened at the CGV theater simultaneously and was broadcast live online through Beyond LIVE, receiving enthusiastic responses from fans around the world. got

NCT 127, which appeared on stage with each member riding a large object, opened the show with ‘영웅 (英雄; Kick It)’, which boasts a magnificent martial arts performance, followed by ‘Sticker’, ‘Favorite (Vampire)’, ‘Lemonade’, Stages of songs from the 3rd album and repackage released this year such as ‘Bring The Noize’, hit songs such as ‘Cherry Bomb’, ‘Simon Says’, ‘TOUCH’, ‘Dreams Come True’, ‘Elevator (127F)’, NCT 127 proved the true value of NCT 127 by providing a total of 34 songs, including the first b-side tracks such as ‘Love Me Now’ and ‘Love Song’.

In addition, ‘Another World’ where you can meet TAEIL’s outstanding singing ability, MARK’s ‘Vibration’ with its intense rapping, TAEYONG’s ‘Moonlight’ with a funky swag, JUNGWOO with homme fatal charm, and JOHNNY who caught the eye with their sexy charm ‘s dance performance, JAEHYUN’s ‘Lost’ with sweet vocals, DOYOUNG’s ‘The Reason Why It’s Favorite’, which gave a sad sensibility, YUTA’s ‘Butterfly’ with a sensuous performance, etc. Solo stage with each member’s individuality, Even the unit stages such as TAEIL and HAECHAN’s romantic ‘Love Sign’ and TAEYONG and MARK’s energetic ‘The Himalayas’ captured attention with special stages that can only be seen in concerts.

In addition, this performance was directed by the world-famous choreographer ‘리노 나카소네’ and showed a fantastic collaboration with NCT 127 again following the first solo concert. A three-dimensional stage that utilizes the sense of scale of the dome concert hall with various stage devices such as a protruding stage that rotates and tilts, a large moving stage decorated with the concept of members’ rooms, and a moving car, and colorful effects such as lights, lasers, and firecrackers. It was completed and added to the sights.

In addition, the audience observed the quarantine guidelines and showed an orderly and mature attitude, such as waving light sticks to the song instead of shouting and cheering throughout the performance and cheering the members with applause. .

The members said, “It’s really nice to meet you after a long time, and I feel like I had a happy dream while performing. As it is a concert that all the members worked hard to prepare for, I hope that you will be happy, and I will show you working hard while waiting for the day we can meet again soon.”

On the other hand, NCT 127, which successfully completed the performance, plans to continue its second world tour in major cities around the world next year.