PARK SOOYOUNG (Red Velvet JOY, SM) is making a comeback with ‘한 사람만’.

Her first return as a drama actress after 3 years!
“It’s a piece with a diverse story filled with laughs and friendship”

PARK SOOYOUNG (Red Velvet JOY, SM) is making a comeback with ‘한 사람만’.

PARK SOOYOUNG is a JTBC new drama ‘한 사람만’, a human melodrama in which three women met in a hospice fight to take only the bad ‘one person’ before they die, and then face the truly precious ‘one person’ in life.  She will play the role of ‘성미도’ and perform various emotional performances.

Park SOOYOUNG’s ‘성미도’ is a ‘wannabe of the MZ generation’ and a hot influencer, earning everyone’s envy at once, but even when he is sentenced to death, he is a character with a deficiency enough to be conscious of the gaze of others.

As a popular influencer in the play, PARK SOOYOUNG not only satisfies the aesthetic sense of those who see it by 200% with a splendid visual that looks like a fashion show at every moment, but also catches the eye even more by foretelling that it will properly radiate the charm of a confident and confident ‘성미도’.

In particular, as PARK SOOYOUNG announced the news of appearing in a drama for the first time in about three years, it is drawing a lot of attention as it is expected that ‘성미도’ will solidly depict the process of finding the true meaning of life with the skills it has accumulated in various fields.

PARK SOOYOUNG said, “‘한 사람만’ is a work with many things to see, including many laughter points and deep friendship, even in the tense development. I hope that viewers will be healed with ‘한 사람만’ and spend a warm winter,” raising expectations for the broadcast.

Meanwhile, ‘한 사람만’, starring An Eun Jin, Kang Ye Won, and PARK SOOYOUNG, will premiere on JTBC on Monday, December 20th at 11 PM.