Culture Joins the Fight to Legalize Cannabis

Culture Cannabis Club, founded in Southern California, is a brand built solely on the core value of building interpersonal relationships with the people to challenge the stigma against cannabis. Within the past year, Culture has proved to be an esteemed brand by integrating fundraisers into their events.

Inspired by the works of Nick and Roger Martin at the Hero Grown Foundation, Culture has joined the fight for medicinal cannabis use by hosting the 12 Days of Cheer. This 12-day event will be taking place at all five of their locations, beginning December 13 until Christmas Day. Providing the gift of cheer this holiday season with the support of Select and other notable cannabis brands, Club Members will be given the opportunity to take part in the cause with every purchase.

Culture is transparent with their mission to unite the people through the common love for cannabis and be influential in the movement to shift conversations about cannabis. They aim to raise awareness of notable causes and inspire surrounding communities with their events. 

“Our Club Members aren’t just getting great deals, they get to join us in making a difference with each purchase!” — Julie Le, founder of Culture.

For more details about the 12 Days of Cheer, please visit: