SM Entertainment is starting a comprehensive content project ‘SMTOWN 2022: SMCU EXPRESS’

A comprehensive content project linked to performances + albums + exhibitions!
On January 1st, an extra-large free online concert will be held! Spreading comfort and hope around the world!
SMTOWN winter album release on the 27th!
On the 30th, the first floor of the new building opened a media exhibition!

SM Entertainment is starting a comprehensive content project ‘SMTOWN 2022: SMCU EXPRESS’ where you can meet performances, albums and exhibitions at once.

With the concept of ‘SMCU EXPRESS’, this ‘SMTOWN 2022’ project expands the artist’s worldview newly named ‘Metaversal Origin Story’ by SOOMAN LEE based on SMCU (SM Culture Universe), SOOMAN LEE producer and SM In order to comprehensively experience the future contents of this metaverse, not only performances, but also albums and exhibitions will be presented in advance.

‘SMTOWN LIVE 2022: SMCU EXPRESS@KWANGYA’, which will be held on January 1st, has been held in major cities around the world since 2008 and has set various records, as well as SM’s super-giant virtual country MUSIC NATION SMTOWN through a virtual country declaration ceremony in 2012. SMTOWN LIVE, which started in earnest, is based on ‘SMCU EXPRESS STATION’, where all artists gather in a virtual space called ‘KWANGYA’, and has compiled the performance contents that SM pursues.

In particular, this concert is planned as a free performance to console and convey hope to fans around the world who are exhausted due to the prolonged Corona 19, and is expected to be a great gift to global music fans. YouTube and the newly launched Beyond LIVE global platform, It will be broadcast worldwide through the LG U+ Idol Live app/web.

Prior to this, ‘2021 Winter SMTOWN: SMCU EXPRESS’, released on December 27, is SM’s first SMTOWN winter album in 10 years since 2011. You can also meet various member combinations that were not possible, and reservations can be made from the 10th.

In addition, the media content exhibition ‘SMTOWN EXPERIENCE: PLAY@KWANGYA’, which will start on December 30, utilizes the LED display located on the first floor of SM’s new building, and video content that allows you to check the project at a glance is played, which is expected to attract music fans.

On the other hand, the ‘SMTOWN 2022: SMCU EXPRESS’ concept poster, which was released through SMTOWN’s official SNS account on the 10th, contains an artist lineup announcing the start of a special project where you can meet all performances, albums, and exhibitions.