#Teleportation concept #Cinematic directing #All tracks in the new mini-album stage

#Teleportation concept #Cinematic directing #All tracks in the new mini-album stage

‘World-class performer’ EXO KAI (SM) presents his solo performance with his own identity through world’s first online-only concert ‘Beyond LIVE’.

KAI’s first solo concert ‘Beyond LIVE #Cinema – KAI: KLoor’ will be broadcast live for a fee on NAVER V LIVE’s Beyond LIVE channel at 3 pm on December 12, and will be screened simultaneously at 30 CGV theaters nationwide.

In particular, the performance name ‘KLoor’ is a compound word of KAI’s name and ‘Floor’, which means stage. As it contains the meaning of the stage where KAI’s unique identity is revealed, this performance is based on the concept of ‘transportation’, KAI’s superpower. It is expected to catch the eye with a stage where cinematic effects such as motion capture, hologram, and chroma key are harmonized as if watching a movie, as well as directing that crosses space.

In addition, KAI plans to show the stage of all songs from the recently released second mini album, including the title song ‘Peaches’, ‘Vanilla’, ‘Domino’, ‘Come In’, ‘To Be Honest’, and ‘Blue’.

In addition, KAI’s second mini-album ‘Peaches’ received global attention, ranking first in the iTunes Top Albums chart in 65 regions around the world, first in China’s QQ Music digital album sales chart, and first in Japan’s AWA real-time soaring chart. , this performance is expected to receive a warm response.

On the other hand, live tickets for ‘Beyond LIVE #Cinema – KAI: KLoor’ can be purchased on NAVER V LIVE, and from the 9th, a package consisting of live broadcast tickets and MD products will also be sold on the SMTOWN & STORE website.