Author Sarah Nix’s new book, ‘The Land of Lou’ is a mystical tale of children deposited in a forest with each storm who band together to find home

Sarah Nix, proud mother and wife, has completed her new book, “The Land of Lou”: an enchanting tale of friendship, strength and finding home.

Nix shares, “Every dreadful storm brings another child into the forest—unsure of how they got there and desperate to leave. These ambitious children are courageously seeking their parents amid terribly uncertain circumstances. Feisty young Rose is as stubborn as they come as she leads her friends through the forest on their mission to find home. Fitzgerald thrives on logic and keeps their mission in check with his extensive knowledge. Little Tate is a curious fireball, always filled with laughter and enough joy to share regardless of how uncertain things may seem. Gillie is gentle and quiet, but also creative. She has a real knack for navigation that shines through when they need it most. The children set off to find a way out of the wilderness and discover that together, they can do anything, and home is never too far away.”

Published by Covenant Books of Murrells Inlet, South Carolina, Sarah Nix’s new book is a mystical read, an engaging tale of a group of unlikely friends band together to help one another find their way.