BoA’s ‘ID; Peace B’ remastered music video released

BoA(SM)’s debut song ‘ID; Peace B’ remastered music video will be released on the 2nd.

BoA’s ‘ID; Peace B’ remastered music video released on December 2nd at 10 am on YouTube SMTOWN channel. Can enjoy the music video of the original song with clearer images and higher sound quality.

‘ID; Peace B’ is BoA’s debut song released in 2000. At the time of its release, it was very popular, swept newcomer awards at various year-end music awards, so this remastered music video is also expected to get a lot of attention.

SM Entertainment, which is conducting the ‘Remastering Project’, announced on November 4th that H.O.T. Starting with the remastered music video for ‘전사의 후예 (폭력시대)’, music videos of artists that SM has produced for the past 20 years, such as S.E.S., SHINHWA, and FLY TO THE SKY, are sequentially released in high-definition and high-quality video.

Meanwhile, the ‘Remastering Project’ jointly conducted by SM and YouTube is planned to rethink the history of K-pop and contribute to the growth of the Korean music industry, and upscaling more than 300 music videos and sound sources to a state suitable for the digital platform. and remastered, as well as special original content in the future.