Farrukh Dhondy and Bite-Sized Books announce publishing, TV & Film agreement

Acclaimed novelist, television executive and screen writer Farrukh Dhondy has signed publishing company, Bite-Sized Books to publish his latest book: Hawk and Hyena – What Ever Happened to The Serpent, and to commercialise the TV and film rights. This is the remarkable, almost unbelievable, true story of serial killer Charles Sobhraj which adds radical and revealing new information to the story recently portrayed in the worldwide hit BBC/Netflix television series The Serpent.

Farrukh Dhondy knew serial killer Charles Sobhraj very well. He still does. Dhondy tracked his movements across the world over years. He was continuously in contact with him. From Paris to London, Kathmandu to India, London to Nepal, this amazing true story now exposes the truth behind the killer world of the infamous Charles Sobhraj, his many women, his murders, and his mercilessly cruel participation in world events – and television mogul Farrukh Dhondy’s fascination with a serial killer’s degraded and violent life.

In 1997 Dhondy’s world, in his glass-walled office as Britain’s Channel 4 Commissioning Editor, suddenly exploded into the world history of the last 30 years when Sobhraj phoned him from Paris.

Characters in this true-life story include Boris Johnson, then editor of The Spectator, former prime minister Tony Blair, the CIA and MI6 – among many others.

The most sensational events described include: Sobhraj‘s attempt to help develop the weapons of mass destruction with which Tony Blair sought to justify the Iraq war; Sobhraj’s knowledge of the terrorist bombing of Mumbai; his betrayal of his terrorist bomber friend Masood; his close contact with the CIA; his prison escapes, and his choice of decades of incarceration in prison to avoid execution.

Eye-opening in its totally realistic, unsensational and matter of fact style, this incredible book is placed at the intersection of life and death, crime and punishment, sex and killing. The events described are hard to believe – even when we know that they are true. Dhondy unjudgmentally depicts Sobhraj’s completely merciless killing of scores of innocent people with bleak astonishment.

Hawk and Hyena – What Ever Happened to The Serpent – available on Amazon here.

All film, television and media rights to this remarkable true story are available through Bite-Sized Books’ media partner, Odyssey Television (CEO, Adrian Munsey) supported by adviser Indian film director, Kunal Kohli.