’s new affordable membership helps designers create sustainable fashion effectively

Leading Fashion and Lifestyle trend forecaster, has launched an affordable solution to designing less but better fashion.

Their latest membership offers practical tools and advice to help designers improve their practices for a more sustainable future. 

With often just 25% of all products delivering up to 75% of sales, Trendstop wants to help make a change.

“What our data reveals is a major reason why there is so much waste and discounting in fashion. The industry is simply producing too much of what consumers don’t want,” says Trendstop Founder & Sustainability Advocate, Jaana Jatyri.

Trendstop’s unique methodology targets specific audiences and identifies the products that will be in the top-selling portion of a collection. Their team of trend forecasters successfully identifies the most likely products to appeal to consumers up to 2 years in advance.

“Most established fashion collections could be reduced by up to 70% with little impact on sales revenue, through better curation and consumer relevance”, adds Jaana.

The new ‘Conscious Fashion Membership’ gives fashion and design professionals the knowledge and tools to create items consumers will buy, love, and keep for longer.

And with increasing demand for more conscious choices, the affordable membership means designers can learn how best to offer more considered styles, that are both on-trend and relevant. With practical guidance and essential forecasting tools, professionals will be able to curate fewer but better items for the conscious consumer.

What’s included in The Conscious Fashion Membership?

  • Live sessions (with recordings) twice a month with Jaana and Senior Trend Team
  • Sustainable fashion and fabric innovators and special guest speakers within the industry
  • Special Trend Platform access to Conscious Fashion with Trend Insights
  • Conscious Trend Masterclass recordings

“Many businesses assume becoming sustainable is expensive, so they don’t do it. The Conscious Fashion membership shows how anyone can become a more responsible designer from today, and reduce the impact the fashion industry has on the environment tomorrow,” adds Jaana.

“We’ve created the Conscious Fashion Community to help every designer create less but better fashion – and lead our industry to a more sustainable future, together.”

Right now designers can get the Conscious Fashion membership for $39 for the first 30 days.

About Trendstop is the leading trend innovation agency, hired by fashion and lifestyle businesses to create consumer-targeted collections that are better for business and the planet. Established in London in 2002, they have 148 global trend innovation scouts across the world, visiting 1,500 stores and events each month. Clients include Hugo Boss, Target and, H&M.