The reversal charm of a laughing genius
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‘Picture Master’

A pictorial full of Lee Yong Jin’s unique charm has been released.

Lee Yong Jin’s pictorial, published in the December issue of the magazine ‘GQ’, was conducted with the concept of ‘MIC Drop’.

‘MIC Drop’ is a gesture that metaphorically expresses that a victory or event has been successfully achieved by intentionally dropping the microphone after a performance or remark is over. Accordingly, Lee Yong Jin improved the completeness of the pictorial by pleasantly solving the situation in which various microphones were placed in front of him in his own way.

In addition, Lee Yong Jin in the photo naturally and perfectly digested bold fashions such as strong color contrast, various patterns, and mix and match of different materials. Lee Yong Jin, who shows off his best skills and creates different results in every photoshoot that is released every time, is also generously revealing his inner skills in this photoshoot, which comes as a reversal charm of a ‘laughing genius’ who creates laughter in any situation.

In addition, Lee Yong Jin is referred to as ‘Gagman of the Year’, an extra edition of ‘Man of the Year’ selected in the December issue of ‘GQ’ magazine every year, and once again shows his presence beyond a popular comedian who continues to be active. have.

On the other hand, Lee Yong Jin is meeting with viewers through tvN ‘코미디빅리그’ and Channel S ‘신과 함께’, etc. He is constantly creating lively popular contents such as YouTube ‘터키즈온더블럭’, ‘괴로운 체험단’, and ‘못배운놈들’, delivering a great laugh through his activities that cross platforms.

More pictorials and interviews can be found in the December issue of GQ and the website of GQ Korea.