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1 in 3 women will experience domestic abuse in her lifetime, over 80% of women have been harassed in public places and more than 20% of women over the ate of 16 will have experienced some type of sexual assault – in the majority of these situations the perpetrators will be men. White Ribbon UK are today, on White Ribbon Day, calling on all men to not use violence, not to excuse but to speak out.

Anthea Sully, CEO at White Ribbon UK says men need to have greater awareness of their own actions and the role they can play in influencing others for violence against women to stop.

Anthea Sully said; “We know all men can listen to women and learn to be allies and teach others to prevent violence against women and girls. Our theme this year #allmencan, emphasises that whilst most men are not violent all men can make a difference in ending violence. For real change to happen to ensure all women can live the lives they want to lead men need to know that just not being violent is not enough.”

White Ribbon Day is a global awareness day to end violence against women – which is followed by 16 days of activism. White Ribbon UK is asking men especially to wear a White Ribbon and to make the promise to never commit, excuse or remain silent about men’s violence against women.

Jeff Buck White Ribbon Ambassador from Nottingham says “I am a White Ribbon Ambassador because for men’s violence to end all men need to be part of the solution and that includes me. On WRD I will be taking every opportunity to open conversations with other men, discussing what we can all do to help women and girls feel safer and how we can work towards an end to all forms of violence against women.”

White Ribbon works throughout the year with individuals, communities and organisations to raise awareness and change cultures where violence is excused and normalised. Organisations can become White Ribbon accredited and there are now nearly 3,000 men and women who have become White Ribbon UK ambassadors and champions.

Chris Harris, Partnership Manager from Broxtowe Women’s Project said; “BWP are delighted that as the first Domestic Abuse Organisation to achieve White Ribbon accreditation, we are able to support White Ribbon Day via many awareness raising opportunities. Our main focus for 2021 is the exhibition of women’s work titled #Don’tJudgeMe, at the National Justice Museum, Nottingham. BWP are keen to have a year round White Ribbon message, it’s important to raise awareness every day.”

Events taking place this year include the illumination of Rochester Cathedral spire, a free online Domestic Abuse Conference run by Cambridge Council and campaign messaging on London Stadium – one of the largest digital stadiums in Europe

To help stop violence against women make the White Ribbon Promise today at