Actor Han Seon Hwa is active in both screen and drama.

– ‘술꾼도시여자들’ Han Seon Hwa, created a new character with his acting skills!
– Han Seon Hwa to focus on his activities in 2021! ‘언더커버’ – ‘영화의 거리’ – ‘강릉’ – ‘술꾼도시여자들’

Actor Han Seon Hwa is active in both screen and drama.

Han Seon Hwa has appeared in the drama ‘언더커버’ and the movie ‘영화의 거리’ this year, ‘강릉’ and the TVING original ‘술꾼도시여자들’, which is released every Friday. It’s 2021. We took a look at Han Seon Hwa’s performance.

#One. Choi Yeonsu of JTBC ‘언더커버’

Han Seon Hwa played the youthful role of Choi Yeonsu, a human rights lawyer who lived for justice and truth in ‘언더커버’. As Choi Yeonsu, who has a passion for fighting to the end to keep his beliefs and beliefs, he was well-received for his mature acting skills by showing the character’s heavy and dense emotional lines that keep his beliefs even in unreasonable situations. Here, he boasted a wide acting spectrum by showing a love line full of excitement with Yeon Woojin, who played the role of Han Jeonghyun in his youth.

#2. Film ‘영화의 거리’ Gil Seonhwa & ‘강릉’ Bo Ram

He took on the role of Gil Seonhwa, a successful location manager in his first screen lead role, ‘영화의 거리’, and caught the eye with his slow adjustment acting smoothly between the fresh past and the more mature present. In addition, he showed off his unique charm by using his dialect realistically. And in ‘강릉’, which is currently being screened, he plays the role of Bo Ram, who is getting married to Cho Hyunsik, and is being evaluated as a scene stealer. In particular, the fact that he learned the dialect by visiting the Gangwon Do market, a nail shop, and a beauty salon to immerse himself in the role even for a short amount of time at the ‘전지적 참견 시점’, where the filming site of ‘강릉’ was released, drew attention.

#3. TVING ‘술꾼도시여자들’ Han Jiyeon

Han Seon Hwa, who expanded his activities from dramas to films, appeared in the TVING original ‘술꾼도시여자들’ and expanded his activities to OTT. Han Seon Hwa, who transformed into the role of yoga instructor Han Jiyeon in the play, created a new character by digesting an exciting character with a neat appearance but tireless over tension and high tone. Although he is a person full of money, what made him appear as a lovable character is definitely Han Seon Hwa’s acting that is neither too much nor too little. In addition, in episodes 9 and 10 of ‘술꾼도시여자들’ released last Friday, ‘Ahn Sohee (Lee Sunbin)’ calmly assists his father’s funeral, revealing a reversal aspect, demonstrating his literally irreplaceable presence.

Previously, Han Seon Hwa has featured in ‘편의점 샛별이’, ‘구해줘2’, ‘데릴남편 오작두’, ‘학교 2017’, ‘자체발광 오피스’, ‘빙구’, ‘장미빛 연인들’, ‘연애 말고 결혼’, ‘신의 선물-14일’ and ‘광고천재 이태백’ showed stable acting skills and solidified his position as an actor. And now, regardless of genre, he is enjoying his second heyday.

‘술꾼도시여자들’, where you can see Han Seon Hwa’s acting, who is actively engaged in acting like this, has only the final episode released at 4 pm on the 26th.