#3 consecutive mega-hits #Unique metaverse concept #global fan heart Jung Aim

#3 consecutive mega-hits #Unique metaverse concept #global fan heart Jung Aim

On November 17, last year, Espa , who appeared in the music industry intensely with ‘Black Mamba’, celebrated the 1st anniversary of their debut. Let’s look back on the past 365 days, from a rookie who received global attention with a unique metaverse worldview to being reborn as a half-million seller.

# Black Mamba → Next Level → 3 consecutive mega hits with Savage!

From their debut song ‘Black Mamba’ to ‘Next Level’ and ‘Savage’, Espa recorded a huge hit with every song they released, continuing their extraordinary achievements and dazzling steps as a rookie, the representative 4th generation girl group in name and reality. has been established as The debut song ‘Black Mamba’ entered 4 Billboard charts with just three days’ worth of counting, and the music video also set a new record of achieving 100 million views in the shortest time in the history of K-pop group debut music videos. Next, ‘Next Level’ also ranked first among girl group songs released after the reorganization of Melon’s 24Hits chart, and broke its own shortest record by surpassing 100 million views on YouTube about 19 days earlier than ‘Black Mamba’.

In particular, the title song ‘Savage’, the title song of the first mini-album released on October 5, has been at the top of the major music charts at home and abroad since its release right now, and ranked 20th on the Billboard main chart ‘Billboard 200’, the highest ranking in the history of the first K-pop girl group album. ‘Artist 100’, ‘World Album’, ‘Independent Album’, ‘Top Album Sales’, ‘Top Current Album Sales’, ‘TasteMaker Album’, ‘World Digital Song Sales’, ‘Billboard Global (excluding the US)’ )’, ‘Billboard Global 200’, etc., entered a total of 10 charts, confirming the global power of Espa once again. The music video for ‘Savage’ also surpassed 100 million views within 17 days of its release, renewing its own shortest record, proving its remarkable topic and popularity.

In addition, the first mini-album ‘Savage’ recorded sales of 510,000 copies within 15 days of its release and became a ‘half million seller’, showing strong power in the album following the sound source. Level’ was nominated for 1st place together, and as a result of their own clash, they won 7 gold medals, proving their syndrome-level popularity. In response, Forbes, a leading economic magazine in the United States, focused on “Espa wrote a sales record in the United States with its first album ‘Savage'”, as well as PEOPLE. He was selected as a team and showed high interest.

# From birth to special Espa metaverse concept, meme and challenge craze

Espa is a name created by combining ‘æ’, which expresses ‘Avatar X Experience’, and the English word ‘aspect’, which means both sides. With a concept based on the world view of ‘I will do it’, it has received a lot of attention since its debut. In particular, utilizing this concept, various contents such as a performance stage video in which Espa dances with the avatar ‘ae’ and an SMCU video showing the narrative of Espa’s worldview story at a glance received a good response. In addition to lyrics such as ‘Espa is me, we can’t be two’, Espa worldview terms such as ‘ae-00’, ‘KWANGYA’, ‘SYNK’, and ‘POS’ are also available online. It was popular as a kind of meme at the awards ceremony, and choreography such as ‘Digwut Dance’ and ‘Twitter Dance’ also spread as a challenge and gained global popularity. Espa’s unique concept is to expand the genre of the virtual world, that is, the metaverse, to entertainment, and to target the digital native generation who are familiar with various digital contents in line with the non-face-to-face era, it plans to provide more diverse and new experiences in the future.

# Global fan heart aiming towards the next level

The ‘super rookie’ Espa, who had a breathless year after their debut, will also have a busy schedule at the end of this year by attending various stages and awards ceremonies. First of all, on the 25th, they will attend ‘Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade’, the largest Thanksgiving festival in the United States, held in New York, and meet local fans for the first time. As Espa signed an agency contract with Creative Artists Agency (CAA), the largest agency in the United States in July, it is going to target music fans around the world by going on the global stage as well as in Korea. The attention is also focused on the ‘next level’ that Espa will move forward, which has shown a dazzling performance with a unique concept and solid performance that has never been seen before.