Cherice Roth’s New Book ‘What’s a REAL Doctor?’ is a Lighthearted Read of Learning the Nature of a Real Doctor From a Child’s Perspective in Simpler Interpretations

Fulton Books author Cherice Roth, a wife, a mother of two children, a chief veterinarian officer, a college instructor, and a mentor, has completed her most recent book “What’s A REAL Doctor?”:  a warm and fluffy tale about three children whose interest in their parents’ profession piques their curiosity in determining whether their parents are real doctors. They soon discover that the essence of a true doctor comes from medical expertise in different fields.

Roth shares, “Are veterinarians real doctors? Turns out the answer is yes. What’s A REAL Doctor? fills the perceived chasm between a doctor of veterinary medicine and a human medical doctor at an early age. Tristan, Cooper, and Clara have a thoughtful discussion to compare both careers from a child’s perspective. Their discussion, without a doubt, leaves everyone a little more confident and a little more informed on what veterinarians actually do that makes them a real doctor.”

Published by Fulton Books, Cherice Roth’s book is a beautiful narration from a child’s view in explaining the fundamental work of a doctor with their expertise in their fields for the same goal: saving lives.

This book also depicts that the fulfilling works of a doctor come in different types, which makes them specifically suited for the job. Upon learning more from their parents’ work, the children become eager with excitement and admiration for them.