Actor Kang Han Na has proven the limitless acting spectrum.

Three successive works! Limitless smoke spectrum

– Wearing 180 degree different characters for each play
– Demonstrating an irreplaceable presence such as stable acting skills and chemistry with actors

Actor Kang Han Na has proven the limitless acting spectrum.

Following the drama ‘스타트업’ that aired last year and ‘간 떨어지는 동거’ that ended in July, the digital drama ’바이트 씨스터즈’ proved to be an actor you can trust and watch by making three consecutive box office hits.

In the drama ‘스타트업’, Kang Han Na takes on the role of ‘Won In-jae’, an elite CEO where everything is perfect, exuding a strong presence, showing stable acting skills as well as detailed emotional changes, completing an attractive character with deeper acting.
In particular, from the external visual transformed with short short hair, to the eyes, tone, and leisurely behavior, he transformed into a ‘Won In-jae’ and increased the immersion of the play.

On the other hand, in the drama ‘간 떨어지는 동거’, she took on the role of ‘Yang Hye-sun’ and tried to transform not only the acting tone differentiated from ‘스타트업’, but also delicate parts such as facial expressions, hand gestures, and tone, drawing a 180-degree different character. In addition to capturing her cute appearance and unique lovely charm, she also showed off her perfect chemistry with the actors, drawing favorable reviews from viewers by performing irreplaceable hot performances.

Kang Han Na, who is showing off her acting skills by taking on the role of a stylish vampire ‘한이나’ in the currently airing digital drama ’바이트 씨스터즈’, drew attention even before the broadcast with her unprecedented hairstyle.

In addition, Kang Han Na perfectly digests a colorful style that fits the historical situation between the past and the present, making you unable to take your eyes off each time, but also breathes life into her character with her solid acting skills and unrivaled loveliness, making the play fun.

In this way, Kang Han Na, who has shown various performances with three consecutive box-office successes, as well as non-stop work activities from ‘스타트업’ to ‘간 떨어지는 동거’ and ’바이트 씨스터즈’, is expected to transform once again through KBS2’s ‘붉은 단심’.