Actor Shin Yun Seob became another victim of Kim Hye Jun

Dramatic tension UP with a short but intense appearance
“It was an honor to film with Lee Young Ae sunbaenim”

– The role of ‘Park Gyuil’, a victim of a manipulative murder designed by Kim Hye Jun and a distributor of illegal footage
– Various emotions are expressed with natural acting skills, and the immersion in the play has been increased.

Actor Shin Yun Seob became another victim of Kim Hye Jun.
Appearing as a distributor of illegal filming in the JTBC drama ‘구경이’, he captivated viewers by raising the tension of the play with his short but intense appearance.

In the 3rd episode of ‘구경이’, which aired on the 6th, ‘구경이(Lee Young Ae)’ followed by ‘Jehee (Kwak Sunyoung)’, ‘Santa (Baek Sung Chul)’, and ‘Kyung Soo (Cho Hyunchul)’. While they gathered in one place to play the ‘Kim Hye-Jun’ team play in earnest, another victim of a murder that was fabricated by an accident designed by ‘Kei (Kim Hye Jun)’ appeared and stimulated the ‘구경이 Team”s investigative instinct. .

In the play, Shin Yun Seob appeared in the role of ‘Park Gyuil’, who uses a vicious technique to distribute illegal footage and receive money. Gyuil, who was enjoying shooting women’s bodies with hats and water bottles with illegal cameras in a frantic university festival, suddenly poured white foam and sat on a chair. It seemed to have been put together as a murder case in retaliation for illegal filming caused by a hidden camera victim.

However, ‘구경이’ suspects that this is a fabricated murder case designed by Kei, and the reconstructing of Gyuil’s case from ‘구경이’s point of view’ is drawn out of breath, making the viewers sweat.

Shin Yun Seob, who added suction power to the drama by revealing such a short but intense presence, made it impossible to take our eyes off the play by expressing unusual characters in his own way and adding immersion to various emotions with natural acting skills.

In response, Shin Yun Seob “First of all, it was a great honor to be able to work with Lee Young Ae. The character I took on this time was very evil, so I was very nervous before starting filming, but thanks to the director, staff, and many people, I was able to finish filming safely. I am delighted to be able to appear in such a big project, even for a short time, and we ask for your love and interest in ‘구경이’, which everyone passionately filmed. I’ll see you again with another character.”

Although it was such a brief appearance, JTBC’s ‘구경이’, starring Shin Yun Seob, who instilled a sense of immersion in the drama, is broadcast every Saturday and Sunday at 10:30 pm.