Author Katrina Jaca-Boone’s New Book ‘MY TEENAGER’S GUIDE to SURVIVING in the #REALWORLD’ Shares Meaningful Advice for Readers to Help Understand the World

Katrina Jaca-Boone, who has a graduate degree in psychology, has completed her new book “MY TEENAGER’S GUIDE TO SURVIVING IN THE #REALWORLD”: a useful guide written with the intention of comforting and inspiring readers.

Author Katrina Jaca-Boone writes, “Find out what it is that gives you meaning. What gives you joy? What can you do to help others become a better version of themselves? Having worked as an intensive care nurse and a dialysis nurse, I’ve realized that even though you share such a big part of yourself when you’re taking care of your patients, you still end up walking away with so much more. You feel an incredible sense of fulfillment that is hard to get anywhere else. Your body may be exhausted, but your heart is overflowing with happiness. You have done something good, you have made a difference, and you have touched people’s lives.”

Published by Newman Springs Publishing, Katrina Jaca-Boone’s impactful work contains chapters that cover different phases people experience throughout their existence. The work is designed to help readers turn around what may seem like punishing, backbreaking, heart-wrenching, and spirit-crushing experiences and transform them into something constructive.