Still photos foreshadowing ‘NEW Romance’ releasedMaximize immersion through acting skills

Still photos foreshadowing ‘NEW Romance’ released
Maximize immersion through acting skills

TVING original ‘술꾼도시여자들’ CHOI SIWON (SM) created an irrefutable and attractive character.

CHOI SIWON takes on the role of entertainment PD ‘강북구’ in the TVING original ‘술꾼도시여자들’, maximizing viewers’ immersion with realistic acting.

In the episode released last week, ‘강북구’ was restless in the competition between ‘안소희(이선빈)’ and intern writer ‘소현(이수민)’ in the episode that was released last week.

Then, unlike ‘강북구’, who acted lightly, silently took care of ‘안소희’ and sided with him. 안소희, who found out about this, decorated the unexpected ending of kissing abruptly with the injection, signaling the start of a new unpredictable romance, raising the curiosity about the next story.

CHOI SIWON, who played ‘강북구’, is well-received for not only digesting the comical side of the character, but also naturally reviving the hidden seriousness with her eyes and expression.

On the other hand, ‘술꾼도시여자들’, which Hoyeon of CHOI SIWON is looking forward to, will be released exclusively through TVING every Friday.