Han Seon Hwa, unpredictable charm explosion! Reasons to look forward to ‘술꾼도시여자들’

Han Seon Hwa, “Soul Grinded” Laughter Bomb Prediction
– Han Seon Hwa, unpredictable charm explosion! Reasons to look forward to ‘술꾼도시여자들’

TVING’s original ‘술꾼도시여자들’ Han Seon Hwa has completely transformed into a high-tension drinker.

TVING’s original ‘술꾼도시여자들’, which will be released for the first time on the 22nd, is a drama depicting the daily lives of three women whose belief in life is one drink at the end of the day, based on the next webtoon ‘술꾼도시처녀들’ by 미깡.

Han Seon Hwa takes on the role of ‘Han Ji-yeon’, a yoga instructor who boasts tireless over-tension and high tone, and shows off her unique plump charm. Jiyeon, who has a radiant appearance, is a true drinker who has never experienced a hangover.

Even in the published photos, Han Seon Hwa is overflowing with the bright energy of ‘Han Ji-yeon’, demonstrating murderous aegyo and a super-special smile. Although she looks calm during yoga class, she is completely immersed in her alcohol-loving drink after work, heralding a bomb of laughter and empathy with her lovely charm, stimulating her expectations. do.

Han Seon Hwa said about the part he focused on while acting at the previous production presentation, “I am in charge of the fun because it is the role with the most high tension. I paid a lot of attention to make it a role that is not hateful and fun.” “Three He is a liquor genius, a liquor gifted man. My high tension thought this was the last, so I changed my soul.”

Han Seon Hwa’s performance, which will inspire fresh energy, can be seen every Friday from the 22nd on TVING’s original ‘술꾼도시여자들’.