Lee Hak Joo immersed himself in action with the NETFLIX series ‘마이 네임’.

Lee Hak Joo, a trustworthy actor who can do it all
Mastering the noir genre
Intense with loyalty

Lee Hak Joo immersed himself in action with the NETFLIX series ‘마이 네임’.

‘마이 네임’ is a work depicting the cruel truth and revenge that ‘Ji-woo (Han So-hee)’, who entered an organization to find the culprit who killed his father, infiltrates the police under a new name, and faces the cruel truth and revenge on the 15th through NETFLIX. Since it was released in more than 190 countries, it has been showing a high topic of discussion.

In particular, Lee Hak Joo took on the role of ‘Jung Tae-joo’, the second person in ‘동천파’ in ‘마이 네임’, and proved his heavy presence once again by delivering a wide spectrum of acting, from his faithful and reliable appearance to high-level actions.

‘Jung Tae-joo’ has a serious personality who does not easily show emotions under any circumstances, and even in many crises, he received attention as a character with deep loyalty who can do anything for the boss ‘Choi Mu-jin (Park Hee-soon)’ and the organization.

Lee Hak Joo has captured the acting skills he has accumulated through various filmography in the character ‘Jung Tae-joo’. While endlessly suspicious of the people around him and making the viewers sweat with a role that makes them unable to let go of the string of tension, he perfectly shows high-level action acting to match the reputation of the genre of noir, and adds a sense of weight to the low voice tone and theft. He completed the character of ‘Jung Tae-joo’ by delicately expressing every action he had.

In addition, since the release of ‘마이 네임’, everything about the character, from the story of Lee Hak Joo’s acting skills and presence, to the various suit fashions shown in the work, is becoming a hot topic. He is referred to as a ‘suit craftsman’ by many people and is being praised for providing another attraction in his work.

Lee Hak Joo has captivated the public with his impressive acting skills through numerous works. Expectations and interest are being gathered as to what kind of performance he will show in the future, who has clearly made a mark once again as a reliable actor who can complete the action through ‘마이 네임’.

Meanwhile, ‘마이 네임’ starring Lee Hak Joo can be found on NETFLIX.