Imagine A Place Where You Get Paid When Your Wishes Come True. Welcome To Wonderland!

Wonderland was created by UK-based company, Maw Delights, and its innovative Wishlist Feature pays online creators cash when their wishes come true.

Maw Delights is an e&m-commerce lingerie and adult toy store. The bulk of its customers are women who make a living creating sexualised content. Wonderland was developed to give these creators a realm to explore, and the Wishlist feature was made to increase the creators’ earnings. However, Maw Delights emphasises that you don’t have to be an online creator to visit Wonderland and create a Wishlist. Everyone is welcome in Wonderland.

So, how does it work? In a nutshell, a creator produces a Wishlist by selecting items from Maw Delights online store. Their personalised basket link is then generated and can be sent to admirers and followers around the world, giving fans the opportunity to buy them gifts. Maw Delights then pays the Wishlist user a commission. The admirer is happy at having the chance to buy a present for their favourite creator and the admired one is delighted at receiving a gift and earning cash.

The number of creators uploading sexual content on platforms such as OnlyFans skyrocketed during the lockdown when people were stuck at home. The number of people viewing porn increased dramatically too, as the pandemic brought about an increased demand for at-home-fun. The stigma attached to creating and watching pornography is fading away. It is now more widely accepted than ever before.

The founder of the business, Cara, commented

Our Wishlist feature is unique because it is the only Wishlist that pays users to receive gifts.”

Another point is that MAW Delights takes privacy very seriously and the user’s personal details, such as their name and address are never revealed, removing the fear of being exposed or stalked. MAW Delights will sometimes pay up-to an amazing 35% commission on certain products when purchased via a user’s Wishlist.

It is plain to see that MAW Delights has spotted an opportunity in this growing market, and it is good to see that they are passing on a portion of the profits to the online creators.


Once upon a time, there was a beautiful princess who lived in a small, dreary town. She was unhappy because she didn’t feel as if she belonged and dreamt of escaping to the bright lights of a big city. She had a vivid imagination, and most of the time, her thoughts focused on sexual fantasies. Sadly, she was never confident enough to openly discuss her erotic desires with others for fear of being judged and shamed.

In a magical moment, the Princess’ fairy godmother appeared with a naughty twinkle in her eyes and a mischievous smile on her face. She waved her magic wand, and whoosh, the beautiful princess, was living in the big city of Manchester. Her life got even better when she met Prince Charming, who encouraged her to be more confident and open about her sexuality and together, they visited strip clubs and sex parties all over the UK. She loved living a double life, a straight-laced banker by day and a naughty adventure girl by night.

On her sexual adventures, she had incredible experiences and realised how much she cherished sexual freedom. She enjoyed dressing up in sexy lingerie and discovered that making other people’s deepest sexual fantasies come true was a big turn-on for her.

One surreal moonlit night, the princess dreamt that she was standing outside the entrance to a strange world.

A dazzling figure stood by the gates, and with a beaming smile said “Hello. I’m Madam Alice, what’s your name?”

The princess did not want to expose her true identity and replied with the first thing that popped into her mind, “Hi, I’m Lady Lara.”

Madame Alice, wearing a party dress, looked so serene, as she purred, “Well, Lady Lara, Welcome to Wonderland.”

The Princess awoke and had a profound epiphany! This dream-world encounter was a sign, she was born to bridge the realm or reality and Wonderland as her newly appointed alter ego, Lady Lara! From that moment on she made it her mission to escort as many people as possible to their own wonderland! This was a place where women could explore and express themselves freely without fear of judgement. The place where all of their naughtiest secret thoughts become wonderful experiences and cherished memories.

She named the secret world Madam Alice’s Wonderland or MAW for short.

And we all like a happy ending, don’t we? The Princess is now the proud owner of Maw Delights, a booming e-commerce platform designed to supply all of your naughty treats.

Want some naughty treats for yourself? Then visit Wonderland…. Home to the naughtiest Wishlist on the internet with over 4,000 wonderland props to choose from.