Chosun’s role as ‘Yoo-jeong’, a free woman

Chosun’s role as ‘Yoo-jeong’, a free woman, changes over and over again

– The role of ‘Yoo-jeong’, a free woman in Chosun, who gets involved in a power struggle
– Various characters and acting skills for each work, and character renewal once again

Actor Kang Han Na repeatedly transforms through transformation.

After confirming her appearance in KBS2’s new drama ‘붉은 단심 (working title)’, she plans to draw attention once again with her luxurious acting skills in the role of ‘Yoo-jeong’, a free woman of CHOSUN.

The drama ‘붉은 단심’ is a fictional historical drama where, unlike his father, who was a weak monarch, he successfully led a rebellion against a tyrant who dreams of an absolute monarch, and then a tense political confrontation to make the king the flower of the royal family leads the play.

In the play, Kang Han Na takes on the role of ‘Yoo-jeong’, a soul who is too advanced to be bound by the strict Confucian doctrines and too free to be confined. She falls in love with this free ‘Yoo-jeong’ and points out Yoo-jeong as the Crown Prince, and a crisis comes to her family and gets involved in a power struggle in the court.

Kang Han Na received favorable reviews for her diverse characters and outstanding acting skills in each drama such as ‘스타트업’, ‘간 떨어지는 동거’, and ‘바이트 씨스터즈’. In particular, Kang Han Na, who breathes life into the character with deep acting skills and demonstrates irreplaceable character digestion, is expected to renew a new character through this ‘붉은 단심’.

The new KBS2 drama ‘붉은 단심’, which Kang Han Na, who is constantly transforming into such an irreplaceable luxury acting skill, has confirmed to appear, will be broadcast in the first half of 2022.