Author and motivational speaker Taz Thornton named an ambassador of fire-walking!

Inspirational business speaker, coach and author Taz Thornton is well known for her empowerment programmes helping business owners getting their lives and businesses back on track.

As part of her small group training programme she has become well known for encouraging people to overcome their fears by walking on hot embers.

Taz, who lives in Lincolnshire, also practises what she preaches as she was recently and unexpectedly presented with a rather unusual award – the Firewalking Ambassador Award from the Global Firewalking Association.

“Fire-walking is one way to demonstrate to yourself that you can achieve more than you thought possible,” Taz said.

“So much in life and business is about having a positive mental attitude and not being afraid to push yourself out of a comfort zone which is no longer fit for purpose.”

The Association gave the award saying: “Taz Thornton has proven her commitment to the expansion of human consciousness through her work and endorsement of firewalking and the successful adaptation of its practice through her work as a spiritual practitioner.”

Author of the book Unleash Your Awesome, Taz originally unleashed her own awesome by walking barefoot over a bed of hot embers or stones to test her own strength and courage well more than 20 years ago. Today Taz has found that her clients choose to walk on fire for numerous reasons.

“The first fire walk I did was for charity. I now find firewalking deeply spiritual and it instils in me a real sense of humility. Wearing my animism hat, for me it’s all about building a relationship with the fire, raising my energy, promoting learning, growing and developing.”

Firewalking is an ancient ritual with its roots in many different cultures. Records of firewalking date back to 1200 BC and the rituals seem to share the belief that the walk itself demonstrates courage, faith and strength – allowing people to feel better able to face the challenges of life.

Earlier this year, Taz held a free online event on International Women’s Day explaining to her audience of 200 women that challenges and changes are not always bad things.

“Sometimes you have to do something bold to change your life, find happiness and purpose in your life,” explained Taz.

“A firewalk presents those who attempt it with a seemingly impossible task – walking across a bed of hot coals! But, for those who succeed by harnessing their mental strength, it then becomes easier to make the necessary life changes you need.”

Taz is well known in the UK as an inspirational business and keynote speaker including TEDx, an author and empowerment coach. She was named Female Professional of the Year (Central England) in 2020 and Personal Empowerment Specialist of the Year 2021.