US GMA, HYPEBAE also pay attention “Dominating global trend music charts”

US GMA, HYPEBAE also pay attention “Dominating global trend music charts”

‘Metaverse girl group’ aespa(SM)’s first mini album ‘Savage’ music video has surpassed 50 million views on YouTube.

The music video for aespa’s first mini-album title song ‘Savage’, released on the 5th, surpassed 50 million views on YouTube in 2 days and 7 hours and 30 minutes after being released around 1:30 am on the 8th.

This is a new record breaking by pulling the record of the last single ‘Next Level’, which surpassed 50 million views on YouTube within 10 hours and 20 minutes of release on 3 days, and heralds the birth of a new ‘mega hit’.

In addition, this album not only took first place on various music and record sites in Korea, but is also active in global charts, while major US media also focused on aespa’s new album.

ABC’s representative program ‘Good Morning America’ recently published an article saying, “aespa is dominating the global trend music charts with their new song ‘Savage'” and “Music videos also quickly topped YouTube’s global trend charts. , garnered 30 million views within 24 hours of being released. Also, it took less than a day for this hit song to dominate the Korean music charts.”

In addition, the famous American beauty and fashion magazine HYPEBAE also published an article titled “Aespa, ‘Savage’ demonstrated next-level energy and versatility” through an article titled “Singing, dancing, rap, acting, speaking multiple languages, and most importantly, ‘ Being aware of trends is called ‘it’ in this industry. And aespa does all of this and shows more than that.”

He continued, “SM’s girl group aespa, which succeeds BoA, Girls’ Generation, and Red Velvet, has attracted the attention of fans and the industry with its new futuristic agenda and unique use of AI avatars. The formation of this group consisting of members KARINA, GISELLE, WINTER, and NINGNING has broadened the boundaries of a new generation of K-pop. They created their own metaverse using words such as ‘nævis’, ‘KWANGYA’, and ‘Black Mamba’ within the worldview of SMCU, which is an abbreviation of SM Culuture Universe.”