Rich Smith’s New Book ‘Witness to the Murder of ‘The Mad Hatter” is a Brilliant Novel

Rich Smith, an entrepreneur in the computer industry, the field engineering and sales startup, a disabled Vietnam veteran and cancer survivor; has completed his new book, “Witness to the Murder of ‘The Mad Hatter”: an enthralling story that uses the element of time-travel to present a new information concerning the truth about Abraham Lincoln’s life and death. The story starts off with Dick who was transported back to the 19th century to bear witness to the historical truth and reveal it to everyone. This is a gripping tale on politics and the conspiracies behind it that will surely leave the readers in awe.

Smith writes, “For lovers of history, there are many questions about the American War that have never been answered or that have been answered with obviously ridiculous lies. A perfect example is the lie about Fort Pillow. After Congress investigated the massacre it was found that eight of the men who testified as eyewitnesses before Congress were never there. But no one has ever asked who ordered those men to perjure themselves. Another example is the truth behind why Fort Sumter was shelled. The book is a page-turner for those people who would love to eavesdrop on meetings where policy and crimes were fabricated. Listen in on a meeting Lincoln, Grant and Stanton are having on reneging on the Dix-Hill prisoner exchange program. Or listen in on a meeting Stanton is having with one of his employees, John Wilkes Booth. Are you surprised? But most importantly, it’s all about Lincoln. Keep an open mind about why he was so well-preserved and why he behaved as he did. The book is a novel but most of the events are based on the evidence available as you shall see. That’s just a start of a book that took over 25 years of research to write!”

Published by Covenant Books of Murrells Inlet, South Carolina, Rich Smith’s new book is a bewildering exposition that aims to dig into the murder of Abraham Lincoln, as well as testify that there is life after death and an Almighty Being exists. The author wants to leave a valuable lesson to his readers, that God has a hand in everything both on Earth and in the afterlife.

Readers can purchase “Witness to the Murder of ‘The Mad Hatter,” at bookstores everywhere, or online at the Apple iTunes Store, Amazon, or Barnes and Noble.