Actor Jo Woo Ri showed off his clear visuals.

– Makes you smile with an urban yet sophisticated atmosphere
– Shooting with a unique bright and lovely atmosphere, colorful charm

Actor Jo Woo Ri showed off his clear visuals.

Jo Woo Ri showed off her flawless skin and innocent charm through a brand pictorial that she is currently working as a model.

In the published photos, Jo Woo Ri boasts an urban yet sophisticated atmosphere, while arousing admiration from viewers with her white skin. In particular, the bright smile on the face makes even the viewers smile.

Not only did he lead the shooting with his unique bright and lovely atmosphere, he showed off his colorful charms by posing in various poses in a serious manner, and he received applause from the field staff with his ever-changing facial expressions.

On the other hand, in the last drama ‘그놈이 그놈이다’, he played the role of Han Seo Yoon and received a lot of support from the public as a growth-type character who grows from a mother’s puppet, who lived according to her mother’s will, into an independent person who lives doing what she likes. Recently, she has been working as a model for various brands and conveying various charms.

Jo Woo Ri, who is attracting attention with a pure visual that can be opened only by looking at it like this, is currently struggling to choose his next work.