ESteem’s movement for middle-aged people preparing for old age

The trend is the silver generation… ESteem’s movement for middle-aged people preparing for old age

EStudio, an artist training institution operated by ESteem, opened a new Yold class for middle-aged people over 40 on the 25th, and strives to nurture senior influencers and models.

We often see a society in which middle-aged people with economic power are becoming more interested in appearance and health care due to the Grenaise craze, and starting a new life by constantly challenging themselves in new fields. In line with this trend, as more and more people are preparing for retirement for themselves, ESteem said that it offers an opportunity to try new challenges.

EStudio provides students with a foothold through a practical curriculum that does not end with walking and practice that can be learned anywhere, but can be helpful for activities after completion. In addition to filming for magazines with brand sponsorship, profiles used for casting and video profiles, as well as filming for an acting portfolio to help students grow as hexagonal entertainers. Based on this, we will also help casting to enable activities such as actual movies, dramas, advertisements, and live commerce.

In these days, where it is difficult to grow into a model with just walking, EStudio is working hard to educate seniors by introducing trendy curriculum such as live commerce and social media with the best mentors in the industry. In addition, through 1:1 customized education such as individual style consulting, more meticulous and meticulous education is also helping students to self-manage.

On the other hand, EStudio Yold class registration is possible from the age of 40 and on October 16, Yold one-day class will also be opened. For more detailed questions about the class, you can contact us through wire counseling and Kakao’s esteem estudio.