London Dyslexia Charity Seeks Stories & Donations During British Dyslexia Awareness Week

The Dyslexia Association of London is asking the capital for stories to help counter Invisible Dyslexia – the theme of British Dyslexia Awareness Week, October 4-10 2021.

Chair, Phillipa James commented “Individuals with dyslexia needn’t hide anything in the 21st Century. We need to share our experiences so other people feel they can get help, support and a sense of belonging. We are all about creating a collaborative environment where teams with differing skills can work together. This year’s Dyslexia Awareness Week explores visibility within our community. It highlights the importance of mental health, the visibility of underrepresented groups and issues around dyslexia being overlooked within education and the workplace.”

The Dyslexia Association of London (DAL) is encouraging those with dyslexia, or their friends and family, to join their online forum so they can share their experiences, stories and observations. It is a small independent charity that, thanks to generous donations, provides ongoing support to anyone in London affected by Dyslexia at home, school or the workplace. It impacts relationships, work and family life. Something we all have struggled with over the last 18 months of lockdowns and illness.

Despite recent lockdowns, DAL continued to meet virtually through a series of webinars and a new telephone support line was launched immediately addressing issues from across the community. The team also answered approximately 1,000 emails. We also work with businesses through a consultancy service to ensure they are both accessible and diverse employers and that their service user experience is accessible to customers with dyslexia.

This vital support continues to help people fulfil their potential in business, education and at home. Phillipa James concludes “We are incredibly grateful for the support we receive, but the need for our services keeps growing. We hope the increased visibility that comes from Dyslexia Week will help us with more donations and voluntary support.”

Anyone with an interest is welcome to contact DAL and join their community both online and in person. Any donations are very gratefully received too.