Body By Simone Founder Simone De La Rue Launches Most Personal Project Yet with New Course of “Transformation From Within”

Celebrity trainer, certified life coach, entrepreneur and mom Simone De La Rue announces her 4-week course, Transformation From Within. The founder of Body By Simone — which was named Forbes’ “Hollywood’s hottest workout empire” — holds more than a decade’s experience training Hollywood’s elite. Her brand-new course has evolved organically from De La Rue’s work in the fitness world, where she’s seen that true transformation is about more than just the physical body.

Designed to be accessible to everyone, Simone’s online course will supply the tools needed to make stronger, deeper connections between mind, body and spirit. Attendees will learn how to dig deep to unearth their inner light, take control of their own power and feel more confident in themselves and their body.

This 4-week program will feature a series of experiences each week:

“Getting Honest With The Present” (week 1): This lesson will focus on looking inward to examine your behavior and how it affects your emotions. Simone will help you learn to be present with whatever is currently in your mind, body and soul without resistance, while learning to use exercise as a tool to connect with your body.
“Starting From Within” (week 2): Learn how your thoughts create your reality, gain awareness of your inner self-talk, rewire your thinking to support a more positive and loving mindset, and workout your brain and body with Simone to challenge the beliefs that no longer serve you.

“Creating Space For Self Love” (week 3): Simone will help you shift negative beliefs around your self-worth, while learning why self-love is an important part of your journey, how to enhance self-love in your everyday life, what self-care tools you need to navigate your journey while nurturing yourself, how to create a positive relationship with movement and exercise and explore what works for you in creating a personalized lifestyle.

“Stepping Into Your Own Vision” (week 4): Simone will guide you through integrating changes you’ve experienced throughout the program; you’ll focusing on combining your self-discovery tools with conscious steps to navigate your life, reflect and celebrate your journey and progress so far, evaluate your strengths and weaknesses to celebrate your progress and embody your vision of the future.

“I can give anyone an exercise program or a meal plan to follow. I can train them every day and be there to cheer them on. However, if you are not ready to do the inner work, you will not see results”, says De La Rue. “You have to address the behavior and patterns, and dig deep. You have to believe you are worthy of change, and truly love the person looking back at you in the mirror. There are many courses out there that promote self-love, many programs that tell you how you can lose 10 pounds. However, there is a missing link between the physical work, and the mental, emotional and spiritual work. I am a firm believer in the connection of all of these. They must align for you to truly transform.”

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In addition to her studios in New York and Los Angeles, she’s made her workouts accessible for everyone with the Body By Simone app. The platform offers a menu of daily classes geared to make each subscriber feel graceful and powerful in the comfort of their own home. Whether helping her A-list clients prepare for major roles or offering tips for soon-to-be-moms, Simone’s revolutionary approach to wellness and fitness has been featured in The New York Times, E!, Vogue, ELLE, Women’s Health, Shape and more.

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About Simone De La Rue:

Simone De La Rue is a certified life coach, celebrity trainer, entrepreneur and mom. After a successful dance career on Broadway, London’s West End and her native country of Australia, Simone De La Rue made a natural transition to the fitness industry becoming a certified NASM CPT, and Pre/PostNatal specialist. With a passion to help others feel empowered and as a certified Life Coach, Simone works with clients to create the most meaningful, joyful, and sustainable results in order to thrive in life. Simone is the creator of Body By Simone, which Forbes named ‘Hollywood’s hottest workout Empire.’ She’s trained Oscar® and Grammy® winners, super models, and moms and has appeared on E! Network’s Revenge Body with Khloe Kardashian.