Darlene J. Forbes’ New Book ‘The Wives of Elm Street

Fulton Books author Darlene J. Forbes, a bibliophile, a third-generation Napan, a self-employed wedding coordinator of thirty-five-plus years, a happily married wife with three adult daughters, a loving grandma to nine grandkids; has completed her most recent book “The Wives of Elm Street”:  a remarkably affecting read that tells the tale of four women who stood out for their commendable strength and courage. The story’s central theme is the shared bond of the four protagonists, and how they became each other’s support system when faced with their respective mishaps and challenges in life. This is a stunning narrative that depicts the healthy relationship within female friendships.

Forbes shares, “This book is about four strong women who are best friends that help each other through bad marriages, children with drug addiction and gay issues, abusive relationships, and alcoholism. The women don’t always agree with each other’s life choices, but they support those women and those choices. Basically, it’s a tribute to the strength of women and those cherished friendships.”

Published by Fulton Books, Darlene J. Forbes’ book is an inspiring literary novel describing the effect of friendship in the lives of women. It shows how at some point women don’t agree with each other, but that doesn’t mean they no longer have each other’s back.

This is a thoughtful, honest, and potent novel that presents a vivid portrait of women.