CHOI #SIWON(SM) takes part in the Asia’s largest global business forum ‘World Knowledge Forum 2021’.

Gives speech on ‘the dangers to children in the digital environment’
“I hope detailed discussions and efforts to protect children in the online environment become more active”

CHOI SIWON(SM) takes part in the Asia’s largest global business forum ‘World Knowledge Forum 2021’.

CHOI SIWON participated in the UNICEF session of the ‘World Knowledge Forum 2021’ held on the 16th as a goodwill ambassador for the UNICEF East Asia and Pacific region and gave a speech on the theme of ‘the dangers to children in the digital environment’.

CHOI SIWON has visited UNICEF offices in Thailand, Vietnam, Malaysia and Indonesia. He was recognized for his ability to lead sincere communication based on his diverse experiences, such as a keynote speech at the ASEAN Children’s Forum, a speech at the Laos Generation 2030 Forum, and a panel discussion with youth groups, as well as his passionate activities to promote children’s rights. A special invitation was made to the forum.

On this day, CHOI SIWON said, “Now that the daily lives of children around the world have moved to the online space due to COVID-19, I am worried about what kind of environment children will face now. Depending on the region, some countries report a 50% increase in internet use. The risks that children can face in the online environment are more diverse and more dangerous than you think,” he began his speech.

He continued, based on a survey conducted by the Korean Committee for UNICEF, “The biggest risk for children exposed to online environments is exposure to harmful content. 19% of children said they were unhappy when they encountered harmful content,” he said. “Confusion caused by fake news, inappropriate data collection and use and sharing, cyberbullying including malicious comments and bullying, digital receiving of obscene messages from strangers In the order of sexual offenses, children are experiencing various online risks.”

“Despite these various risks, children do not know how to report when a problem occurs online. Online child protection policies are urgently needed. We need to be able to create an online platform that is easily accessible to children and to create and provide child-friendly safety guides using easy-to-understand language.”

Finally, “As children have been driven online due to COVID-19, it is the responsibility of the adult who created the online world to check whether it is a healthy place for children. After this meeting today, I personally greatly hope that concrete discussions and efforts from all walks of life to address the risks that children may face in the online environment will become more active. I will continue to raise my voice for the sake of children. All children have the right to grow up in a safe and healthy environment. We have to be a good indicator to guide them in the right direction.”

The ‘World Knowledge Forum 2021’ UNICEF session in which CHOI SIWON participated was prepared to commemorate the 75th anniversary of UNICEF’s establishment, and to consider children’s difficulties in various discussions to overcome COVID-19. Following CHOI SIWON, Charlotte Petri Gornitzka UNICEF The Vice-Governor gave his second speech, which lit up the event.