#SHINee KEY (SM) is making a comeback

Title song ‘BAD LOVE’, a tragic love story X intense retro mood transformation!

SHINee KEY (SM) is making a comeback with a new song ‘BAD LOVE’ with an addictive retro mood.

KEY’s first mini album ‘BAD LOVE’ will be released on various music sites at 6 pm on September 27th. It contains a total of 6 songs with a sensuous atmosphere, including the title song ‘BAD LOVE’, so global fans are expecting a lot of interest.

In particular, the title song ‘BAD LOVE’ is a pop dance song that creates a retro mood with a strong synth sound and a lively beat. The lyrics that tragically captures the fact that can’t let go of her partner while being destroyed by the nightmare love chose for himself is impressive, and KEY’s vocals, which delicately express chaotic emotions, catch ears.

In addition, this song was completed by hit maker KENZIE, and after KEY’s first album title song ‘센 척 안 해 (One of Those Nights)’, once again worked with KEY to make a fantastic comeback, raising expectations for a comeback.

Meanwhile, KEY’s first mini-album ‘BAD LOVE’ will be released as an album on September 27th.