NCT 127 (SM) heralded a stage like the ‘Performance King’ with the new song ‘Sticker’.

Eye-catching notice!

NCT 127 (SM) heralded a stage like the ‘Performance King’ with the new song ‘Sticker’.

NCT 127’s 3rd album title song ‘Sticker’ is a hip-hop dance song with a strong bass line and rhythmic vocals on an addictive signature flute sauce. The lyrics contain the message that they will write their own history together with the person they love who is the center of the complicated world.

In addition, the performance is also powerful and rhythmic, as well as various large and dynamic movements, hand gesture point choreography that expresses the appearance of stickers, etc., so it is enough to meet the energy and charisma of NCT 127.

This ‘Sticker’ performance was performed by Keone Madrid, who previously collaborated with NCT 127 for ‘Punch’ and ‘Superhuman’, Antoine Troupe, who worked with pop stars such as Prince and Chris Brown, and talented choreographers such as Lee Ilhyung and Joo Youngbin of the dance crew PREPIX. Participated to improve the quality.

On the other hand, NCT 127’s 3rd album ‘Sticker’ will be released on September 17 at 1 pm on various music sites, and will also be released as an album on the same day.