#RisoBooks Publishes ‘The Legend of the Barcelos Rooster’ Bilingual Children’s Book

Riso Books, publisher of Portuguese-English bilingual children’s books, has published its fifth book, “The Legend of the Barcelos Rooster – A Lenda do Galo de Barcelos.” The paperback book illustrates one of the most iconic stories of truth and justice in Portuguese culture, where a cooked rooster stands up and crows to proclaim a man’s innocence.

Its simple, easy-to-read language and bright watercolor images make it a very light and beautiful book

Riso Books was founded by Angela Costa Simoes, a mother, wife and entrepreneur in the California Bay Area. She began writing bilingual children’s books as a way to make learning a second language easy and fun.

“Being a third-generation Portuguese-American, I know the importance of speaking a second language, but unfortunately I am not 100% fluent in Portuguese, and so it’s difficult for me to read Portuguese children’s books to our daughter,” said Simoes. “If there were books that were in both English and Portuguese, then I could at least figure out the Portuguese words and even learn right along with our daughter.”

Illustrations are done by Helia Borges Sousa, a local San Jose artist.

Riso Books has published four additional books:

A Maria e O João Vão à Festa, Maria & John Go to the Festa
Linda Menina, Pretty Girl
Lindo Menino, Handsome Boy
Numeros, Cores e Fruta – Numbers, Colors and Fruit
All books, including the new festa book, can be purchased on Amazon. https://amzn.to/2Ubv1mK

About the Author

A third-generation, Portuguese-American, Angela spent the last 20 years doing high-tech public relations in Silicon Valley. Angela left corporate America to become an entrepreneur and freelance PR consultant. She has a BA in Communication from the University of San Francisco and lives in Fremont, California, with her husband, daughter and their two dogs Foguete and Fadista.