#HONGJA, appointed as a public relations ambassador

– HONG JA, appointed as a public relations ambassador, and passionately staged through talent donation
– HONG JA, ‘Blood Donation Encouragement Campaign -> Life Respect Ambassador’, is continuously practicing social contribution activities

Singer HONG JA has been appointed as an ambassador for the Respect for Life Education Council.

HONG JA is expected to perform various roles as a publicity ambassador to publicize the dignity of life by attending the appointment ceremony of the honorary ambassador of the Life Respect Education Council on the 11th.

HONG JA said, “I am weak, but I am always grateful that I can be of strength. I will do my best as an ambassador for the happiness of all people in Korea.”

HONG JA went on the stage with talent donation at the ‘쓰담쓰담 Concert’ hosted by the Seoul Metropolitan Government and the council with the appointment ceremony of the public relations ambassador on that day, starting with ‘상사화’, ‘너는 아름답다’ and ‘까딱없어요’, heating up the scene.

HONG JA has been participating in the campaign to encourage blood donation as a blood donation ambassador for the Korean Red Cross, and is continuously carrying out various social contribution activities, such as planning the ‘Gyeonggi-do Refreshment’ project to prevent the death of wild birds.