Cathy Myers’ New Book, ‘How to Train a Nurse Warrior

Fulton Books author Cathy Myers, a registered nurse for 35 years, a manager, and a trainer, has completed her most recent book “How to Train a Nurse Warrior: A Quick Guide for Orientees and Preceptors”:  a directive and useful instruction for nurses and aspiring nurses alike to become more competent and capable in the most dire of circumstances, and to achieve an efficient rating in the workforce while meeting the standards of a demanding environment.

Myers shares, “This quick guide is meant to be used as a tool to develop a plan for transitioning into the actual workforce. I hope that this tool will lessen some of the anxiety of what to expect after graduation and help you acclimate to the work environment. This guide is also a more realistic tool for the preceptor for your orientation development. I hope that you consider this plan to help your new graduate develop into a strong nurse warrior.”

Published by Fulton Books, Cathy Myers’ book is a handy material to produce nurse warriors, especially in a crisis situation the world currently faces.

This book also discloses informational tips that will be helpful for every nurse in times of crucial matters that satisfies the criteria of a distinguished nurse. With proper training, it can mean the greatest care a patient will ever experience.