Deb Gearhart’s New Book ‘Cheaters Never Win’ Shares a Tale About a Thrilling Clash of Intellect, Deception, and Wits

Deb Gearhart, an educator and a first-time author, has completed her most recent book “Cheaters Never Win”: a riveting fictional tale that follows a woman’s dream of landing a career in cybersecurity, only to be met with an unexpected fate that shattered those said dreams. Then comes in a director whose fate is somehow in the hands of a group of cheaters whose shattered dreams fueled their revenge to get rid of her program.

Gearhart shares, “Private Emily Stone only wanted a career in cybersecurity. She dreamed of one day working in the Pentagon. That’s why Emily joined the Army right out of high school, then used her military educational benefits to study online at Dakota Technical Institute (DTI) to obtain a degree in cybersecurity.  Now her life goals will never be reached. She was caught cheating. Her educational and career plans are now only a pipe dream. Private Emily Stone is out for revenge against those who turned her in for cheating; those who ruined her life.

Dr. April McKenzie is the Director of DTI Online. She found her calling in working with nontraditional students. Most of the students in her program are hard-working nontraditional students. However, a handful of students think that cheating is an easy way to complete their courses. What Dr. McKenzie didn’t know was some of this group of cheaters was going to put her staff and her life in danger.”

Published by Fulton Books, Deb Gearhart’s book is a fantastic novel that fuses reality and fiction with its various themes and exciting adventures.

Drawing inspiration from her Pennsylvania roots and experience in school, the author weaves a gripping story that readers will definitely love.