Author Chris Flournoy’s New Book ‘The Art of Poetry’ is a Poignant Poetry Collection of a Man’s Healing and Happiness After Spending Years in Deep Darkness

Chris Flournoy, a man who grew up in the small yet majestic town of South Haven, Michigan, a resilient and inspirational individual, has completed his most recent book “The Art of Poetry”:  a potent volume filled with poems that give glory to the Lord for being the author’s anchor and beacon throughout his tough journey. The author narrates his experience in the form of poetry, for it is the only means of literature that can convey the complexity and abstractness of his life. In this written work, readers are encouraged to delve into the mind of a man who has been through a lot of trials and tribulations in life.

Flournoy writes, “This book is a reflection and also a glimpse into the mind of a man whose soul is as ancient as the pyramids of Egypt. A man who has walked side by side with God throughout this journey and never even knew. It took incarceration for God to open up his eyes to that important fact. And the only way this story could be told is by poetry. For poetry is only passionate, painful, loving, caring, or knowledgeable words from the mind that brings wisdom. For the truth is that once you go on a journey to find wisdom, you should never return to where you started. For now, he is free from the hell of prison after 16 and a half years, and that is a place he shall never return to again.”

Published by Fulton Books, Chris Flournoy’s book is a sublime creation that moves its readers to tears. It is a story of a man who was living in darkness for a long time yet found his refuge in the presence of the Lord.

The book is filled with valuable life reflections and wisdom that makes it a perfect device to illuminate anyone who is in constant worry of their life’s current state.